Hog Snapper Recipe

January is usually when I get back to my cooking mode. I like taking things easy after the busyness of the holidays, and I also found out that one of my favorite TV shows on the Food Network “Worst Cooks of America” airs today, I thought it would be a perfect day for a recipe, … Continued

Chicago you’ve been good to me

Well, just like that Kevin and I are celebrating a year in Chicago. Can anyone explain to me where did the time go? Between family visits, vacations, concerts, and busy weekends with either Chicago activities, or trips to Wisconsin, and Michigan here we are celebrating our first full year in Chicago! And I’m also having … Continued

Everything is a Lot More Beautiful in the Fall

Yes I’ve said it before and I will say it again! I have a bit of a fall obsession, what else is new? lol. Hence, Kevin and I have decided to take a yearly fall road trip or trip whenever possible. One of my favorite things of living in Chicago is that you can be in … Continued

A Farm to Table Restaurant in Lakeview

Hello all! So I officially decided that my favorite months of the year are definitely September to October. If you didn’t know and I haven’t said it enough, fall is beyond my favorite season, and you will see as my next post will be full of leaves, colors, and pumpkins. But, since that post is … Continued

My Favorite Florida Destination

Well, summer is officially over and I thought that to wrap this summer up, I should give it it’s proper farewell. Even though my heart was never set in Florida and it just never felt like home; I know I know I bet if you are reading this you probably would call me crazy but … Continued

A Simple Falafel Recipe

Thinking of new meal ideas has been my thing lately. To be more exact more like new healthy meals so in this week’s post I’m sharing one of my favorite vegetarian meals Falafels. A very healthy, affordable, but just a bit time consuming meal (depending on the size of your food processor…) It took us … Continued

Chicago Photoshoot

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Summer Vibes

Well summer has been in it’s full swing! I can’t complain though I love enjoying the change of seasons so much. Even though my most favorite has even been and will always be Fall, I could take fall every day every month of the year! But then I wouldn’t look much as forward to it … Continued

Life Lately

Sorry guys! Didn’t mean to disappear for so long! I thought that since I haven’t write as often as I would like, I would give you what I’ve been up to lately. Since May came around my life has been nonstop! From our trip to Baltimore for a wedding in which we also spent some … Continued