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2019 has been a wild ride so far. I’ve mostly been spending time trying to slow things down that’s usually my winter hobby since for the most part spring-fall are crazy busy, always trying to make the best of it. So this winter, I’ve been taking it slow and easy by reading a lot (about to start on my 6th book), I got a journal and I’ve been frequently writing on it, meditating, trying to learn some lightroom and working out. I’ve also been trying to stay in touch with most of my friends in Florida and Chicago and build those relationships. And this past weekend I met up with my family in Austin Texas and that was a lot fun! thinking about writing a blog post about it.

In addition to this,  last month I received that phone call no one wants to receive… that call no one is prepare to receive, it was a call from my mom letting me know that my uncle who we basically grew up with and were extremely close to  when my sister and I lived in El Salvador passed away… When I got the phone call I was shocked. I can’t help but think despite the distance I loved him like a second dad and he is no longer here… and just to think that  I can’t call him because he is no longer here… Now I feel like I carry a hole in my heart… I can’t see him because he is no longer here… it’s hard to swallow. And even though now he is resting in peace it really hit me hard how the time we have in our lives including with our love ones is precious. It’s so precious… and time is unpredictable… and while none of us saw this coming it was all so sudden, it made me realize how one day you might be talking to someone you love not knowing that the next day they will leave an empty space in your heart… and leave you wishing how much you could turn back time. For many of you who know me know that I’m very free spirit, and I like to live a life with no regrets, full of new experiences, and full of adventure because I truly believe that we only get one life and you have to make the best of your time ” really living”. And death is honestly a reminder that as Ferris Bueller’s day off  put it “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”  So, let this be a little reminder to go out there and  start living/ or keep living your best life!

On another note, I’m beyond excited to welcome spring. Seasons mean a beginning of something new.. and I’m hoping to get outside and shoot more as I haven’t had a chance at all this winter. Hopefully I’ll also be able to put together some new posts very soon. That is all from me for now…and on the mean time here are a few pictures of last spring to officially welcome the new season!


Is there anything you are currently looking forward to?





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