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The most Instagram spots in NY

Hellooo Summer! Who else is so excited that summer finally arrived in Chicago? I thought it was going to rain forever. Anyways May June have already been crazy months for me, that tends to be the norm though. May to October are always our months full of events. I even make a summer bucket list lol (Anyone else makes has a summer bucket list?) My bucket list is full of a lot of outdoorsy activities. To start with, Kevin and I decided to get bikes this summer so I’ll be spending a lot of time riding my bike places, I also look forward to trying new restaurants with a patio, picnicking at the park, spending a day reading outside, attending more concerts, and going to Summerfest this year for the first time. Ahh yes, summer we missed you!

Anyways, my plan is to also spend more time writing. I wanted to make this month’s post a fun one! We were recently in NY for my mother in law’s 60th birthday and I took a lot of pictures! In this post, I’m sharing the location of some of the most Instagram spots in NY. So if you are in NY any time soon and was wondering the location of some of these spots. Here they are…

View of the Manhattan Bridge (location: Dumbo at the corner of Washington Street and Front Street)


The Manhattan Bride Pedestrian Walkway

The Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Walkway (going towards Chinatown)

The Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Walkway

The Oculus (Location: Church St, NY)

Pebble Beach at Brooklyn Bridge  Park 

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5


I’m curious to know, have you seen any of the pictures above in social media and wonder where it was? and are there other spots I missed? I would love to know.


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