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Life during quarantine

Using this quarantine time to check in with each of you. I can’t believe it took me three weeks of being in quarantine, to write this post. Honestly, I didn’t feel like writing and I tend to not do things unless I really feel like it.. but I would love to hear how are you coping with the current Coronavirus situation? Are you full of boredom? or are you using this time to slow down and do the things you usually don’t have time for? Maybe this was what we all needed not in the best circumstances, but maybe we all needed some time to recharge. Some time to look inward. We still have three more weeks of quarantine in Illinois, and that’s if it doesn’t get extended.. and I finally decided to take the time to do some writing.

Are you feeling anxious/ and uncertain about the future? Did some of your plans got completely affected by the current situation? Let me tell you that you are not alone. I honestly spent my first weeks feeling a bit anxious and uncertain about what’s to come. I felt strange and didn’t really know what to do with all my “free” time. I spent the first few weeks feeling guilty about not doing enough. Then I realized that it’s OK. Maybe that’s what I needed.. to not constantly have a day full of plans, things I needed to accomplish. So, this is a reminder, that it’s OK if you are not being as productive during this time.

I know many of us have been highly affected by this virus, some more than others. I know I was…  and your mind doesn’t like uncertainty. It doesn’t know how to react when everything is uncertain, but It’s OK to have all those feelings. I had them too. It’s OK to feel lost, to want to cry, anxious, worry about the current situation that we are all experiencing. But don’t get stuck in those feelings, I think we can all gain something from this. Whether it is looking inwards, recharging yourself, spending some time doing things you don’t usually get to do, catching up with friends and family. You can use this time to clear your mind. To change your perspective.

But even though I’ve slowed down a lot,there are some things that I’ve been doing almost on an everyday basis to recharge myself. So what are some of the current things I’m doing at the moment to help myself?

Journal– I took on journaling earlier this year. But around this time I’m doing it more than ever. Journal your feelings. Trust me you’ll feel a lot better after it. Journaling is a good way to let go of those heavy feelings we are feeling. It’s one of the things I do first thing in the morning and oh man I feel so much better after.

Meditate– Perhaps this is a good time to start meditating. To make it a regular practice. So many yoga/meditation studios are offering virtual meditations for a donation or small fee. If you would like to know of some places offering this service let me know, I can point you in the right direction.

Read– When was the last time you picked up a book? If you would like some recommendations, feel free to reach out. As I’m about to finish my third book during the quarantine.

Get moving/ exercise/ do yoga– If you’ve never worked out before then why not start now? Just like meditation so many gyms are currently offering free virtual classes without leaving your house. Instead of sitting on the couch snacking all day, why not use this time to get some movement?

Connect with that old friend– Is there a friend you haven’t talk to in awhile? What about a video call with this extra time?

Listen to a podcast– So many good podcasts out there! Whether you want to listen to more wellness types of podcasts or something you are interested in. It’s out there.

Declutter– You’ve been meaning to take on that big project around the house or start some spring cleaning.

Cook– Now that mostly all restaurants are close. Why not spend some time in the kitchen cooking? I actually did that this past weekend and realized how much I love cooking but during life “as we all knew it” cooking felt more like a chore. So why not spend some time making some delicious meals?

There is no better time than now. We can start incorporating some new habits, so when we get out of this we’ll be stronger than ever.

If there is anything you would love to hear. Like how do I journal? books? podcast?  meditation videos/ classes? Let me know. I’ll be more than glad to share that information.



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