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My Favorite Reads this Year

Hello my peeps! I can’t believe that just like that, we are saying goodbye to another year. This time I decided to do a different type of post than my usual one around this time. This year I’m not even sure how, but I read 14 books — the most I’ve ever read! I don’t even know how I did it lol. I love getting myself lost in a book. I love it so much, that one of my favorite hobbies is relaxing with a book outside, whether is at a park, the lake, or nature. But it turns out that this year’s reads were some of my favorites, so here is a list of the best books I read this year (in no particular order):

I love books with a twist! They are for sure my type of books, and if you love stories with a twist as much as I do, than a few of the books on this list might be for you. This one specifically comes with an unexpected ending that I just didn’t see coming. It is not an easy book to swallow and one that will stick with you for some time after finishing but you will be captivated by the way the story is told.The novel is told in flashback.

A few people recommended me this book but to be honest it started as a very slow book and I almost thought I wasn’t going to finish it, but I’m glad I did. Half way through the book, the story took a turn on me. A lot of life and history takes place in this story, all told with humor, compassion, and detail but I’ll leave it to you to discover it.

This is another beautifully written, post-apocalyptic novel that explores memory, loss, and identity. And also another book with a twist at the end. I loved the beautifully descriptive writing. Some of the scenes played out like a movie for me. Silence, soul searching, and isolation plays an important role in the character. If you are into space books and how to deal with isolation, then I highly recommend this book.

I wanted to read this book since I found out it recently got made into an HBO show and it’s also the same author that wrote “Gone Girl.” I have to warn you that this is a very dark novel with evil characters and if that’s not a thing for you than you really won’t like this book. I haven’t read Gone girl but I did see the movie and I think I found Sharp Objects’ plot to be more interesting.

If you like books like “The girl on the train” than this book might be for you. Maybe it will be another good book to read after the girl on the train and compare. The synopsis was good but to be honest I saw the end coming. The book was good but my least favorite of this seven. But in my opinion it was a quick read and it did have me captivated in the first chapters so I can’t say that it wasn’t interesting.

I read this book on a roadtrip and I couldn’t put it down. If you’ve read other books like “All the Light you cannot see” or any historical fiction books taking place around WW2 , then you might want to give this book a try. I read some reviews that some people prefer All the Light you cannot see over the Nightingale, but honestly I love the Nightingale a lot more, to the point that the book made me cry some tears!

I have to say that this one was probably one of my favorite books! I also couldn’t put it down.  I love it so much that I hope one day it turns into a movie. This is a thriller about ghostly secrets, dark choices, and the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters. The story goes back and forth but it’s very easy to follow. When you arrive at the conclusion, it’s a satisfying round up of the book. All the questions that have been building up throughout are answered.

Did you have any favorite reads this year? Is reading one of your 2019 resolutions? Please if you have any book recommendations send them this way! Hope you all have a  Happy and Healthy 2019!



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