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Hello! Hello! After being away from my blog for three months I decided to get back to it again. I think that due to my being away for awhile I thought I would write a post about what I’ve been up to. I always knew I wanted to start a blog as a hobby because I enjoy writing so much, I knew that when life would get busy I could stop if I wanted to and always pick up right where I left of. It’s not like other bloggers where they actually depend on it as an income.

So what have I been up to since my last post? well not any less than my last post I wrote. I’ve just been very busy with new work responsibilities and since August I’ve been trying to enjoy the last few days of summer we had left. And now it officially feels like winter in Chicago I thought it would be ideal for more of the indoor things I enjoy doing like writing.  I did take a few quick trips since August: one to Door County with my mother in law in late August, has anyone been? Now I know why they call it the Cape Cod of the Midwest. We rented a cabin, went on a hike, sat by the bonfire, made smores, kayaked, it was perfect and an ideal weekend getaway from Chicago. Hope to write a post about it soon. I also went to Boston in September, did anyone know that Boston is my second favorite city in the USA? well now you know, I just love how much history it has and it’s proximity to other major cities in the east coast, so it was fun to go back. Then in October we went to Ohio for our fall foliage roadtrip, Kevin and I had made this our October tradition. We visited Cuyahoga National Park which I’m pretty sure not many people know about.


mmm.. let me see what else? oh yea.. I overachieved one of my goals this year. Earlier this year I had set a goal to read 4 books total this year well by September I actually finished reading 8 books!! I was so proud of myself feels like such a significant goal but I could not believe that with the little time I have I basically read one book per month. So what books did I read? I read 1984 by George Orwell, The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, All the light you cannot see by Anthony Doerr, A single man by Christopher Isherwood, The happiness of pursuit by Chris Guillebeau, Dinner with Budha by Roland Merullo, The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom, and I reread the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Have you read any of the books I just mentioned? I’m planning on reading one more book before the year is over.. I’m considering reading “The end of everything by Megan Abbott.” I think it would be a good change from the genre of books I read this year. Have you read it? or have other recommendations? I would love to hear!


After overachieving my reading goal this year, I thought it would be good to take a break and spend more time doing something else I also enjoy doing. I always wanted to learn and still do haha how to knit so I thought I should start spending some time doing that.. but for whatever reason I still haven’t had a chance. However it’s just the beginning of winter and I can still tackle knitting on the next few months. Ok what else? mmm.. we attended our final concert this weekend, concert number 17 of this year. Someone at work actually told me that’s more concerts than I have been in my lifetime haha. what can I say, my husband and I love music.

Well my intention is not to bore you with a long post lol, but last and not least I’ve been keeping up with my workout classes three times a week, and meditation at least three times a week. I truly believe it has helped me with the chaos some work weeks have been. I’ve also be visiting my family and friends back in Florida for Thanksgiving and I seriously can’t wait. Well with that, I think you officially been updated lol. I visited “The before I die wall” when I visited Cleveland (which is the picture I included below.) What would you be writing on that wall? whatever it is.. hope every day you do something that gets you closer to achieving that goal.



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