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Chicago you’ve been good to me

Well, just like that Kevin and I are celebrating a year in Chicago. Can anyone explain to me where did the time go? Between family visits, vacations, concerts, and busy weekends with either Chicago activities, or trips to Wisconsin, and Michigan here we are celebrating our first full year in Chicago! And I’m also having a mix of feelings as we start the new year, like what area should I focus on improving this year? But anyways, this post is not another post to talk about my resolutions it’s about Chicago.

I have to say that Chicago, you’ve been good to us… from Kevin and I getting the jobs we wanted, to our dream apartment, to just everything working out and flowing so perfectly.  We can’t complain how this city welcomed us! On a nutshell, after living here for a year I’ll summarize what I love about Chicago.

It’s diversity, from Mexican neighborhoods like Pilsen to Polish neighborhoods like Avondale, and that’s not just neighborhoods but all the authentic food too! Also, how could I forget about the architecture when I’m such a sucker for pretty buildings.

Cheap international and domestic flights, yep I’m flying to see my sister for $80. The food scene, from the cheapest BYOB hole in the wall restaurants to the list of Michelin stars. Chicago’s food scene is on point.

The never-ending things to do, from concerts to festival, to museums and any cultural event the City offers. There are many options to choose from. Did I mention that a lot of them are free too?

More indie concerts, I can finally see all the bands I like because they actually come here! Oh yea and how could I forget the list of independent coffee shops! When I lived in Florida I believe I only had like 5 we frequently visited. Oh, and did I mention I love that Chicago actually supports local businesses. Every single festival brings local businesses, and I know this is big in other places; I did not see it as much in Florida. Anyone that knows me, knows that one of the many things I’m obsessed with is supporting local businesses and artisans.

The public transportation, oh I can go on, and on, about how much I just hate driving. Weird isn’t it? Being a civil engineer. But yep, commuting is probably my least favorite thing, however living here and knowing that I can just hop on a bus or the L on the weekends, and now weekdays with my new job downtown it’s amazing! Yes, I know some Chicagoans complain about the smell or people listening to music very loudly, but hey at least it’s not you driving so just sit back and relax, well in my opinion at least.

Last but not least, I think my favorite thing is the convenience to many things. Toronto only being 8 hours away from Chicago by car or 1.5 by plane, it took 8 hours to just get out of Florida! Closeness to Michigan, Michigan it’s seriously an amazing state for weekend trips, for hiking, small town living, camping, lake visits, I hear the Upper Peninsula is amazing, I can dig it. Finally, just the convenience to anything in the city; bars, restaurants, etc. I’m glad I found a place that fits my needs, we will see what this year brings with so many things already line up but for now, here is to a year Chicago.


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