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My Favorite Florida Destination

Well, summer is officially over and I thought that to wrap this summer up, I should give it it’s proper farewell. Even though my heart was never set in Florida and it just never felt like home; I know I know I bet if you are reading this you probably would call me crazy but it just never felt like home. So, Even though I didn’t have my heart set there, I did have some favorite places.

When anyone traveling there would ask me for a recommendation, I would recommend these favorite places of mine rather than your usual overrated South Beach. Don’t get me wrong, if you are visiting Florida you should visit South Beach just so you can see it for yourself, but in my opinion there are other places I would prefer.

Some I have recommended before (see this post, this one too, oh my this one too, and of course this one.)  The one I’m about to write about it is definitely up there when you quickly search for “Must see in Florida,” and yes I highly believe it should be up there and everyone should visit; without doubt, I am talking about Key West .

I definitely think Key West is what makes Florida the beauty it is. From the different islands that you can visit that make up the Florida Keys, to the charm and historic town of Key West . It is just sort of a perfect getaway, starting with the variety of things you can do there – like visiting some of the state parks, camping, snorkeling, biking, spending your whole day drinking in Key West, spending your day in a boat, there is just something to do for everyone! And I think that’s one of the reason why I like it so much!

So what are some of my recommendations when in Key West . I recommend the John Pennekamp State Park for snorkeling and camping, if you make it all the way down to Key West,  I recommend a stroll around Duval Street, the famous Southernmost point of course (90 miles to Cuba), the Ernest Hemingway house, and a stroll through the neighborhood streets in which you can find the perfect house you’ll fall in love with. If you have an extra day, I highly recommend one of my favorite National Parks which I wrote about in the past see here  . Oh and how could I forget you need to eat lots and lots of seafood! And for seafood I highly recommend Eaton market, it is not a restaurant persé , it is, like the name mentions, a market, and even though their menu mainly consists of sandwiches and is not very extensive, you pick the type of fish you want. I can tell you it was one of the freshest I ever had!

Key West it is just the perfect staycation for my fellow Floridians or anyone visiting Florida. I highly recommend it, it’s worth a visit just make sure you eat enough fish for me? OK? Have you ever been to Key West? i would love to hear your experience.























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