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Summer Vibes

Well summer has been in it’s full swing! I can’t complain though I love enjoying the change of seasons so much. Even though my most favorite has even been and will always be Fall, I could take fall every day every month of the year! But then I wouldn’t look much as forward to it would I? If fall was always present I would not appreciate it as much would I? same goes for every season no matter how much Midwestern’s and North Easterners complain about winter, you learn to appreciate summer, spring, and fall. At least that’s the way I see it. But yes fall is my beloved favorite season ever, fall fashion is the best I love wearing my leather boots and light jackets, I love the brown and orange colors, I love to see the leaves change. Anyways, this post has nothing to do with the fall, my obsession with fall sidetrack me a bit. I thought that since we have another month left of summer it would only be right to talk about summer! I thought I should write about  another great summer place to visit in Florida (not like Florida feels summer year round), or anyone visiting Florida this summer.

Just to give you a little rundown, there aren’t many rocky beaches in Florida because isn’t rocky beaches more of a West Coast thing? I believe it is at least to my knowledge. So anyways went I heard about this place I was like I need to check this out. Located in Hobe sound, about 40 minutes north of West Palm beach you will find the not so famous but pretty cool to check out Blowing Rocks Preserve . The preserve is open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM the admission is a $2 fee. The place is seriously so peaceful, whether you want to take a beach chair and just enjoy the waves hitting the rocks, or taking a hike in one of the trails; and if you want to experience the waves blowing high the rocks, the best time to visit is during high tide.  Guess that’s where the name Blowing Rocks comes from.

Since a picture is always worth a thousand words, I think is about time I share some pictures.











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