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Sorry guys! Didn’t mean to disappear for so long! I thought that since I haven’t write as often as I would like, I would give you what I’ve been up to lately. Since May came around my life has been nonstop! From our trip to Baltimore for a wedding in which we also spent some time in DC and Alexandria. By the way, if you are ever in the DC area and you have a love for quaint little towns like myself, I recommend a visit to the old town of Alexandria, Virginia. Can I just say I wanted to buy every single house? Then after our trip to DC, my sister came to visit and then a close friend of mine came the following weekend! Seriously it has been nonstop.

Then June comes along, and Kevin and I have been enjoying the best Chicago has to offer. Oh and concerts! I went to three concerts just in the month of June and I have two more coming in July! Yep it’s been quite a few months. Kevin and I have also been trying to update all of our furniture since we moved to Chicago and we’ve been spending a lot of time shopping for furniture, but we are almost done! On top of being busy with a lot of fun stuff and visitors, work has been quite busy too! At least makes the days go by quick right? Now we are in July, and we spent our first weekend of the month with my lovely mother in law and Kevin’s grandma. I’ll share some pictures that I was able to take from the river tour we took.

Now, I’m just looking forward to some more concerts (all the bands I always wanted to see and never went to Florida seriously need to stop coming here haha), our last stretch of furniture shopping, and Kevin’s birthday which is around the corner. I’m taking him to the Girl and the Goat, and I have only heard great things about that place so I can’t wait to try it! We are also planning on taking a day trip to Starved Rock State Park , and check out Randolph Street Market (which I’m afraid I might want to buy the whole market haha). I also look forward to getting back into more writing and reading so stay tuned… for now some of my Chicago pictures will do! and one of my favorite quotes I found at a tea house one day and now hangs in front of my work computer.

“And have you found a place where all is CALM, where all is GOOD. Everything in the universe is within you plus anything is possible no matter where you are on your JOURNEY. dive in the deep end, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is when you take a risk that amazing things begin to happen. Make your own magic because your magic is not like anyone else’s MAGIC… and make a wish they do come true if you BELIEVE in them plus yourself.”


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