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Happiness is…

Ruta de las flores, El Salvador
Ruta de las flores, El Salvador

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately… You know as you get older time moves a lot faster, like a lot faster. Days turn into nights, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. And as we speak we are already half way through the year. One day I sat and wonder what happiness meant to me. Everyone’s happiness might be different so what does happiness means to you? What does it mean to live to you? I sat and wondered as I looked outside my window and listened to my favorite band… So what does happiness mean to me… what does being alive means…

Well, happiness means spending my weekends at home laying in the couch reading my book while my cat looks for a perfect spot to cuddle on me

Finding myself at peace, listening to my favorite music while looking outside my window looking for the next thing to write about brings me happiness.

Waking up every morning and seeing the man of my life laying beside me makes me happy.

Going for a run at 6:00 PM and watching the sun starting to set

Enjoying a walk at the beach when  its too early or too late for people. Enjoy its quietness, watching the waves hit shore, watching the horizon, letting my mind fade and wander

Spending quality time with family when I don’t see them too often… Enjoying every second of it

Working on something I enjoy doing

Exploring different places, different cultures make me feel alive. To let my eyes see beautiful places and let my mind process them

To cook and give my mouth the pleasure to taste different textures

To spend my time doing things I love

Challenges make me feel alive. To give my brain the benefit to think

To fill my heart with laughter and peace makes me feel happy

At the end, it’s only the simple things that matters. Someone out there does not have the privilege to see with their eyes the beautiful and simple things of life. Someone out there is surrounded by anger and has never experienced love. Someone’s out there only wish is to see one more sunset, Someone out there is battling for one more day… for one more night. And here we are, a lot of us not really living, worrying, stressing about the future, stressing about the job we hate, the money we need.

So don’t forget to live to actually live, to laugh, to cry, to enjoy life, to experience, to love, to feel, to learn, to soak life like a sponge. To enjoy the simple things in life.


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