Beef Short Ribs Recipe

The summer is quickly approaching so you know what that means right? A lot of barbecue and beach. In this week’s post, I want to share with you a very simple recipe for beef short ribs. You can either use a barbecue or a cast iron skillet. You will need: 1 lb of baby back … Continued

Rack of Lamb Recipe

Lately, One of my new obsessions has been lamb. I’ve been experimenting with ground lamb and rack of lamb, so this week I wanted to share the recipe with you all. I think it is definitely one of the best meats I have had. So juicy, herbed, fatty goodness, and the good thing is that … Continued

Diana eating her way through South Florida

My love for food started when I moved out with my amazing boyfriend. We started cooking different recipes during the week and cooking a different meal became one of my favorite things I look forward to during the week. Also, four years ago we started partaking Miami Spice(which I plan on writing a post about … Continued

Fajita-Taco Night

I don’t usually cook a lot of Mexican cuisine, however, when I do cook it, my two favorite recipes to make are quesadillas and fajita-tacos. I say fajita-tacos because people say what makes a taco difference from a fajita is the ingredients.  People say that a fajita is served in a large flour tortilla and … Continued

Dinner with a chance of meatballs

Hope everyone had a nice Easter/Passover weekend. I actually celebrate both since I’m Catholic and my boyfriend is Jewish so it was a very busy weekend for me! On top of two celebrations I also had to play catch up on work and new post coming up so stay tuned… This week I want to … Continued

Mexican Night

I always tell my boyfriend that if I wasn’t Salvadorian I should have been Mexican. I love Mexican food and I enjoy cooking it so much! One of my favorite comfort foods to cook are Mexican quesadillas. They taste great and are also very cheap to make! So today I will show you how to … Continued

5 Places in Chitown

From the towering skyscrapers of the Loop, the Magnificent Mile shopping scene, getting lost in the Arts Institute of Chicago, and the many museums you can visit, Chicago buzzes with energy and excitement. You can also find every foodie’s fantasy – it is a melting pot of global flavors. On my recent visit to Chicago … Continued

Five new places to try this weekend

I love trying new things whether it is a recipe or a new restaurant. Ever since I’ve moved out by myself I have found a passion for cooking and appreciating food more than I ever thought I would. South Florida has many good restaurants, whether it is a fine dining experience or a hole in … Continued

Asian Night

One of my favorite recipes to cook are Asian meals. I recommend you to cook most Asian meals in a wok which  is a frying pan mostly used in Chinese cooking. You can find them at Walmart or Target around $20 to $25. So today I will show you how to make  rice noodles with … Continued