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Sometimes We Win, Sometimes We Lose, Sometimes It Rains

As 2016 comes to a closure I would like to reflect on another year, I thought I would make this a tradition. 2016 was a great year for me where a lot was accomplished and where as last year I also came out short on a few things, but that is life “sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, sometimes it rains” and you should know that THAT’S OK. I’ve tried to work on goals I’ve been pushing aside for awhile like joining a gym class, volunteering on some things I enjoy doing, reading more, focusing on learning more in my career, and a few others. In a nutshell, I will give you my top ten things I learned in 2016.

  1. Don’t push aside anything you always wanted to do.
  2. If you don’t have time find time.
  3. Find your life balance.
  4. Find and build good relationships with people that care and are there for you.
  5. Life will build you and life will break you and know that that’s OK.
  6. No one’s life is perfect including mine. What makes life beautiful is that it’s actually full of imperfections.
  7. ¬†“Practice and all is coming” As said by one of the biggest Yoga masters.
  8.  Spend some time alone.
  9. Meditation is good for the soul.
  10. And my mantra for this year that I tend to repeat a couple of times a day and learned from one of my favorite podcasters Jess Lively from the lively show “Practice and all is coming. Everything that I want is going to come to me when I fully experience and live this present moment”.

Please remember that we all struggle at some point of our lives. Now, do you have any lessons you learned in 2016? Anything you want to accomplish in 2017? I would love to hear. Just like last year, I’ll end my post this way. I hope you find whatever is that you’re looking for.



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