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A Beautiful Island and National Park

Is everyone as stunned as me how quickly time is moving?! It’s February already! Feels like the older you get the quicker time goes, might be because you have this never ending list of things to do and so little time. At least I know I do, even though I’m mostly unpacked, I still have a lot of painting and picture frames to hang and furniture shopping to do. Haven’t been able to explore the city as much as I would like to, other than attending Restaurant Week which is like Miami Spice for chitown, but hoping soon enough I will.

Well, in my last post I mentioned I would write about one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to. Surprise, surprise is in Florida. As well as being probably the most beautiful place I’ve been in Florida, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches, and it’s also a National Park. Hmm can anyone guess what place I’m talking about yet? I’m talking about the Dry Tortugas National park.

The park is located about 70 miles west of Key West, and is cluster by seven islands composed of coral reefs and sand. The park is only accessible by boat or seaplane, by boat being a bit more economic. I can speak about the ferry experience since that’s the option we went for. The only ferry that takes you there is the Yankee Freedom II which departs from the Key West Terminal at 7:00 AM the cost $175 for adults, yes a bit pricy but totally worth it!  Food is included as well as the entrance fee to Fort Jefferson. Don’t expect filet mignon as your lunch though, it will be a simple sandwich and chips. Also, if you don’t have your own snorkeling equipment the crew will provide. The arrival time to the park is about 10:15 AM, and you can first enrich yourself with some history by walking and touring the fort (guided tours are also provided), or go snorkeling for some coral, or simply go for a dip in the clear, cool waters of the Dry Tortugas. You will be departing the park about 3:00 PM which in my opinion gives you plenty of time to accomplish all of the things I mentioned. However, if you feel the timing is not enough, you can stay and camp, yes you can camp here! Imagine waking up in the middle of an island?! How much more peaceful can you get?! So, from getting my most brutal burn ever, to the clearest water and most peaceful beach I’ve ever been to, I still remember my visit and would recommend to anyone as it has definitely been one of my most memorable adventures. Now tell me, have you been to a place you’ve been so stunned by? Or would like to go to? I would love to know.


















Courtesy of Sophie Kim
Courtesy of Sophie Kim


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