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The Walls of Wynwood

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, ever since I got back from vacation it has been nonstop! But I can finally take a breather… I thought this time I’d write about my favorite place to hang out in Miami, mm.. no it is not South Beach! It is Wynwood! I loooove going to Wynwood, I think love is an understatement. Well, I acually go quite often since my fiancee is obsessed with Panther coffee. And yes! You must try Panther coffee if you visit Wynwood. It is one of our few not chain coffee shops in South Florida other than Starbucks. Another must in Wynwood the art walk, which is the 2nd Saturday of every month from like 5 pm to whenever . On this day, you can visit art galleries, enjoy live music, buy some crafty stuff made by some artsy vendors (I know I did last time I attended!), and if you get hungry, enjoy eating from a food truck. Yes food trucks! They are getting quite popular here in the South Florida area, which I actually plan on writing a post on food trucks in the near future so stay tuned. So, if you want to experience Wynoood at its busiest or most popular I recommend you take a visit on the 2nd Saturday of every month.
Also, with Art Basel taking place every year in Miami Wynwood has become quite popular on doing art events during Art Basel weekend. Feel free to check that out.

If you are visiting the Miami area I think Wynwood is a you must visit! Slowly becoming more popular and expanding I believe Wyndwood would be the new South Beach for hipsters and artsy people, kind of already is. Hence, when visiting Wynwood make sure you take some time to visit panther coffee and sip and enjoy being surrounded by an artsy crowd, enjoy eating some tacos at coyo tacos, or if you want to go healthy go to jugofresh, or enjoy a nice dinner tapa style at Wynwood Kitchen and bar, gigi, or zak the baker. And above all, enjoy walking around the streets and enjoy looking at some pretty badass art!




















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