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South Beaching

Oh I’ve been having beach withdrawals lately and I found a new obsession for PASTEL Colors. So, a few weeks ago I took a trip to South Beach and decided to play with my ISO – make sure you check my pictures! Well, let me tell you a bit about South Beach…it’s not my favorite place in Miami but if you’ve never been to Miami it’s a must-visit. South Beach can get a bit crowded, so I personally prefer other beaches, I actually wrote about one recently Bills Baggs State Park. But, South Beach does have the famous Arc Deco District, which you must see as you are strolling through South Beach. On the weekends, restaurants offer lunch specials. I always love to take advantage of this since for dinner these restaurants become quite pricy. Also, just a few minutes walk from South Beach, you can take a stroll around Espanola way where you’ll find a few Spanish and Italian restaurants or around Lincoln Road,  another good place for some shopping and dining.

If you find yourself in Miami, I recommend you take a stroll these streets for a South Beach vibe. Anyone has something else they like to do in South Beach?












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